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Beware, that F355 on your drive may be too hot to handle

MARANELLO, ITALY // Ferrari has sent out letters to owners of Ferrari F355 and F355 F1 vehicles manufactured between 1995 and 1999 regarding a technical fault. A failure of the connection tube which leads to the distributor block has the potential to leak fuel. According to the letter, this could lead to engine malfunction or a fire in the worst case scenario. Around 9,000 units of these F355s have been sold worldwide, including 2,356 in the US and around 500 in Germany where the official recall was conducted through the country's Federal Motoring Vehicle Authority. There was a recall on this model 12 years ago for this same problem but the latest recall letter has been issued because of concerns over reports that Ferrari received indicating many owners may have received ineffective repair jobs on the fault in 1997. Ferrari owners can have the faulty fuel distributor replaced free of charge.