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WATCH: Behind the scenes at Luxury magazine's cover shoot

An unexpected photographic opportunity emerges in Kalba

When we do a fashion shoot, a lot of the elements are carefully pre-planned. Some elements, however, are completely spontaneous. Take this shot, for example. It was only when we reached the departure jetty at the Kingfisher Lodge in Kalba, that we realised that we could get a great image of our model in the water, clad in a white Dolce & Gabbana dress, from overhead.

It was only as we were walking into the water that our model, Noah let slip that she couldn’t swim and was, in fact, scared of water. You wouldn’t guess it from the final image, but she was terrified throughout, and kept jumping out of the water, convinced that something was biting her. I stood just out of frame, under the bridge, to help convince her that nothing was going to happen. She faced her fears, and we got our shot.

The cover of Luxury magazines December issue
The cover of Luxury magazines December issue


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