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The Dh14,530 speaker that doubles as a work of art

Bang & Olufsen's Beosound Edge consists of a perfectly smooth, circular outer aluminium frame

Bang & Olufsen's Beosound Edge. Courtesy Bang & Olufsen
Bang & Olufsen's Beosound Edge. Courtesy Bang & Olufsen

Unsightly tech that clutters up your home is a thing of the past – electronics must now either blend seamlessly into an interior, or act as design features in themselves. Leading the charge in the latter category is Bang & Olufsen, with its ever-growing collection of speakers that double as modern-day sculptures.

The latest addition to the Danish brand’s line-up is the Beosound Edge, a wireless speaker that can either be set on the floor to create a centrepiece, or hung up on the wall like a contemporary work of art.

Created in collaboration with globally acclaimed lighting designer Michael Anastassiades, the speaker stands 50.2 centimetres tall and consists of a perfectly smooth, circular outer aluminium frame. It features proximity sensors on its interface, so will immediately light up when you get close. You can start, stop and skip tracks with a simple tap on the speaker’s touch-sensitive surface.

The sound is adjusted by gently rolling the 13-kilogram speaker backwards and forwards; it will respond to the force of your touch – gentle movements will change the volume slightly, while a stronger force will change it more dramatically. Let go and the speaker will roll back to its original position.

“It is a monolithic object without any controls, without any visual disturbance,” explains Anastassiades. “The controls light up when you use them, and when you don’t use them, there’s nothing really to see, and to me that is magic. I wanted to hide everything that could suggest technology. Had the cable not been there, you wouldn’t even know that it’s an electronic product.”

Aesthetics aside, the Beosound Edge delivers three directional sound settings. Music can be played through either side of the speaker for a more directional, intimate listening experience, or you can opt for True360 omnidirectional mode, which will fill the entire room with sound. There are two tweeters, two mid-range drivers and a slim woofer, as well as an Active Bass Port. This Bang & Olufsen technology allows Beosound Edge to deliver potent bass when played at a loud volume, but still offer total clarity at lower volumes.

Retailing at Dh14,530, the Beosound Edge is one of a select number of Bang & Olufsen’s most popular multi-room products that are now available in a range of new metallic hues, as part of the company’s limited-edition Bronze Collection. The range takes its inspiration from architectural and interior trends, using warm colours and contrasting materials to reimagine the Beoplay A9 floor speaker, the Beoplay M5, Beosound 1 and Beosound 2.

Bang & Olufsen is offering some of its most popular products in shades of bronze. Courtesy Bang & Olufsen
Bang & Olufsen is offering some of its most popular products in shades of bronze. Courtesy Bang & Olufsen

“People are drawn to spaces and objects, where contrasts and details enhance each other. For the Bronze Collection speakers, we combined the earthy aluminium bronze tone, the epitome of warmth and timeless elegance, with bespoke multi coloured wool yarn from Kvadrat and premium walnut wood.

“The bronze tone stays neutral from day to night, season to season and year to year – maintaining its elegance and splendour regardless of trends and changing fashions,” say Bang & Olufsen architects and designers Anne Mee Dybbroe Andersen and Anna-Sophia Brune.

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