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Life lessons: Dr Harald Stossier

Words of wisdom from an expert in conventional and alternative medicine.

Harald Stossier shares his life lessons.
Harald Stossier shares his life lessons.

Dr Harald Stossier, 54, runs the Viva Centre for Modern Mayr Medicine on the shores of Lake Woerth, Austria. He combines conventional and alternative medicine, treats many A-list celebrities and has published several books about the Mayr therapies and nutrition.

1.Take responsibility. The best piece of advice I have ever been given is that good health is not based on luck but on individual responsibility. When I was at university studying medicine my wife gave me a book about diagnostics according to [the Austrian scientist and holistic physician FX] Mayr. I learnt that everybody can strengthen their own health in very simple ways but that this is the responsibility of each human being. You have to make the choice to be healthy.

2.Listen to your body.To be truly well, not only our physical health has to be good but also our mental and spiritual health. Only if we balance these interactions can we really say we are healthy and be able to stay healthy.

3.Support nature, don't constrict it. We should treat our environment as a huge organism that is responsible for our health. If we become like a virus for our environment by not protecting it, the world will become sick and we will pay the price of that. Nutrition is also an issue that is important for every single human being. We in the western world live in a place of fullness; in other areas we see hunger crises. It is important to strengthen the awareness of these polarities to guarantee the nutrition of every human being in this world.

4.Chew, chew and chew again. Chewing your food is the key to so much -for example weight loss, an efficient digestive system and nutrients reaching your body. You should chew each mouthful of food at least 30 times before swallowing. To teach people to eat in the right way and to train and treat patients with nutritional therapies is my passion.

5.Mind over matter. Negative thoughts are truly limiting and I always try to think positively. I am still surprised at the power of the mind to support self-healing.

To see Dr Stossier from October 10-12 at the Dubai Herbal Treatment Centre, go to www.dubaihtc.com

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