x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Kerstin Florian Customised Correcting Facial

A "cosmeceutical" treatment at the Raffles hotel in Dubai.

WHAT I TRIED This is a "cosmeceutical" treatment, which uses hi-tech ingredients, such as super-moisturising hyaluronic acid, exfoliating glycolic acid and antioxidant-rich vitamins and botanicals. They are said to deliver an efficient skincare solution that combats some of your skin's problems and improves texture. I tried the treatment at the Amrita Spa at Raffles hotel, Dubai. WHAT I WANTED Something to deal with the sunspots that are cropping up all over my face. I don't sunbathe any more, but these are apparently my punishment for previous offences. WHAT HAPPENED A very nice therapist named Amber analysed my skin before tucking me up on a heated bed with a fluffy duvet for extra snugness. We began the session with some inhalation therapy, using the spa's signature lavender and camomile oil, which smells so potent my nasal passages were twitching after three deep breaths. My face was cleansed and toned, then given a 20 per cent glycolic peel to disintegrate any sluggish and dead skin cells. It tingled but was only left on for a few minutes before a PH neutraliser was swept over, to stop the peel from working too hard. An enzyme mask, made from pineapple extracts, provided further exfoliation and I was left under a steam machine, so the fruit could penetrate further. A pressure point face and scalp message, and a dreamy foot reflexology session followed, and then the therapist applied a customised mask. Everything was removed with hot towels soaked in lavender oil to calm my skin and relax me, too, although at that point, I was nearly comatose. And even though it was raining heavily outside, Amber finished off by applying the Face Serum SPF25, to ward off any future sunspots and make sure my new fresh skin was protected. THE RESULTS My brown spots haven't disappeared altogether, but they have dramatically receded. And the rest of my face? It glowed, and not just for an hour afterwards - a week later, I'm still looking radiant and rosy. The Customised Correcting Facial, European Style, costs Dh759 and lasts 90 minutes.

To book, call Amrita Spa, Raffles hotel, Dubai, on 04 324 8888. For more information, visit @email:www.raffles.com