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Keep pesky flies at bay

Try home remedies to shun flies

If you’re trying to spend as much time as possible outdoors before temperatures start to spiral, you may find that those pesky flies are interfering with your plans.

Before you get the fly spray out, try these natural remedies for getting rid of winged intruders. Get a large handful of cloves and stick them into a couple of apples. The juices from the apple will help release the scent of the cloves, which is a natural fly repellent. This should stop them from getting too close.

Lavender is another natural deterrent, so if you have any essential lavender oil lying around, apply it liberally to a paper towel, pop it into a glass and place it in a strategic spot. For a more aesthetically pleasing solution, invest in some pretty oil burners.

Another option is to make yourself a fly catcher. All you’ll need is a wide-mouthed jar, some sugar water and a homemade paper cone. Your cone’s large end should be wider in diameter than the jar, while its apex should be around one inch in diameter.

Place the cone in the mouth of the container (you might want to tape it in place); the flies will be attracted to the sugar water and will fly down the cone into the jar. Once inside, they won’t be able to escape again, leaving you to enjoy your garden in peace.

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