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Katie Trotter tells us it's time for bright colours

Black is a safe refuge, but it's time to burst into spring with bright and bold colours.

Hey you over there! You in the black - yes, you, hiding behind various shades of grey - your time is up. Until a few months ago you were off the hook. Bright colours were brash, naff, a bit obvious - the style equivalent of multiple exclamation marks at the end of a sentence!!!

But now that winter is nothing but a fading memory, it's time to dress for spring and summer, and alas, my dear readers, the future is bright.

To be honest I am more than a little frightened. Some looks were never meant to cross the chasm from the photo shoot to, well, actually having to wear them, and for a lot of us head-to-toe acid brights is one of them.

I admit it, I'm a sissy. I cling to black like a ship's sail clings to the northern wind. Black is my friend - sexy without screaming come-hither, demure, slimming, nearly always appropriate and, well, plain old safe.

Tangerine orange, sunny yellow, hibiscus, scarlet, fuchsia, and snooker-table green... while optimistic and fun, they make me feel like a fruit pastel, a kind of tutti-frutti hallucinogenic pop princess. But as Bob Dylan once reckoned, the times they are a changing.

Clearly, the same thought was running through designers' minds for their Spring/Summer collections: "It's time to be bold," Miuccia Prada mused backstage at her spring show. And bold it was.

Electric-pink stripes, monkey and banana prints in big bold lines, and designers such as Marc Jacobs opted for neon lines. But how do we break free, look eye-popping (in a good way) and make a seismic shift towards making a statement when really we want to scurry away into an abyss of dark hues?

Normally I would begin with baby steps. "Start small," I'd whisper, giving you a gentle little nudge in the right direction. But oh no, not this time. This is not a trend to be done in half measures. Either you let it pass you by completely or you go for it, all guns blazing.

Mix colours that accommodate each other - think of the colour wheel you used at school. Don't be afraid to take a risk with colour blocking. Think bright on brights, print on prints, or solid on solids. Just be sure to keep a clean, prim silhouette as seen at Christopher Kane.

Which is all fine by me. But to paraphrase Amy Winehouse, I'll be going "back to black".





Seen on Prada's bags and dresses this season.



If Blumarine's stiff fabrics make the models look a bit chunky, we don't stand a chance.



The shoe designer's latest creations (available at Net-A-Porter) have just the right amount of sculpture and height for our liking.



Camel again for autumn? No thanks, Michael Kors.



Temperley's A/W 2011 collection is calling to us - round collars, little buttons, frills and all.