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Just the highlights: Negin Zand's life as hair colourist to the stars

Selina Denman catches up with Negin Zand, an LA-based celebrity colourist.

The celebrity hair colourist Negin Zand. Courtesy Negin Zand
The celebrity hair colourist Negin Zand. Courtesy Negin Zand

Think of any Hollywood starlet with enviable hair and, chances are, Negin Zand has had a hand in colouring their A-list locks.

The celebrity colourist has worked with everyone from Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Scarlett Johansson to Angelina Jolie, Jessica Biel, Cate Blanchett and Anne Hathaway. When Jane Fonda turned up at the 2000 Oscars with a new, crowd-wowing, honey-blonde shag do, it was Zand who was responsible for her colour. And when Sarah Jessica Parker needed her hair done for the final season of Sex in the City, it was Zand who was flown to New York to do the honours.

Zand was born in Iran, started her career in Australia and relocated to Los Angeles in 1991. She initially worked at the famed Christophe Salon in Beverly Hills, then spent 14 years with celebrity hairstylist Sally Hershberger before recently moving to West Hollywood's Salon Benjamin.

During her time with Christophe, Zand came across an old French colouring technique known as balayage, a freestyle form of highlighting hair that can be completed in as little as 15 minutes - and has favoured this technique ever since.

For UAE residents looking to get Hollywood-worthy hair, Zand will be at the Jet Set salon in Dubai from tomorrow until March 12, and is taking appointments now. We caught up with her in the run-up to her trip.

How did you become a colourist?

I grew up in the industry. My mother was the biggest hairdresser in Iran. She styled the royal family, famous singers and celebrities and I became a colourist because I looked up to my mother so much that I wanted to be just like her.

What makes a successful colourist?

There is no secret. Working with colour you have to be artistically gifted - like a painter. You paint the pictures you believe in because it is your signature. I also think it is important to stay current and adopt the latest techniques and products.

When did you first start using balayage and why is this your preferred technique?

I started about 20 years ago when I was working at Christophe Salon with Christophe. Being from Belgium and having worked in Paris for many years, Christophe used that technique in his salon so I learnt from him, although everyone develops their own style of balayage. I prefer the balayage technique because the regrowth looks most natural. You can go three months without having a line of demarcation. However, placement and timing is key.

What are the most common mistakes people make when it comes to colouring their hair?

Too dark around the hairline, darker ends and lighter roots. If you look at a child's hair colour, the colour is lightest at the ends and darker at the roots, with more depth. And some people just have the wrong colour altogether.

What is your favourite thing about your job? And is there anything you don't like?

I love seeing people walk out with a smile. I don't like the gossip in the industry.

Who were your first famous clients?

Sandra Bullock, Roseanne and Samantha Mathis, who is one of my best friends.

What's your top hair care tip?

Drink lots of water and brush your hair at night. Use René Furterer Fioravanti No Rinse Detangling Spray, Shu Uemura Oil and the Fiberceutic treatment by L'Oreal. Also, when you're washing your hair, make sure the last rinse is with bottled water.

To book an appointment with Negin Zand, call 050 298 8787


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