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Joelle Mardinian shares beauty secrets

The Beirut-born make-up artist Joelle Mardinian, who is in Abu Dhabi this weekend at the Life & Style Show, tells us the secrets to a fresh, beautiful face.
Joelle Mardinian will be at the Life & Style Show in Abu Dhabi this weekend to solve beauty dilemmas. Courtesy Banan Al Awneh
Joelle Mardinian will be at the Life & Style Show in Abu Dhabi this weekend to solve beauty dilemmas. Courtesy Banan Al Awneh

She knows how to turn heads. The Beirut-born television beauty expert Joelle Mardinian, who has made-up the faces of A-list celebrities and been named one of the 100 most powerful Arab women this year, will be at the Life & Style Show in Abu Dhabi this weekend to solve beauty dilemmas. Mardinian presents her own weekly reality show on MBC, Joelle, where she gives makeovers to those in need of a helping hand. Experts from her salon, Maison De Joelle, and doctors from her cosmetic centre Clinica Joelle, will also be answering questions and offering consultations, while her team will be doing hair and make-up shows on stage.

What’s in-fashion right now, in terms of beauty trends?

Everything that is anti-ageing. And from stem cells.

Do you wear make-up all the time?

I used to be obsessed with make-up, as far as I can remember. Being a make-up artist has allowed me to work on many different people, so the love of make-up – I have taken it out on others. Now I have more confidence, I tend to wear no make-up when I’m not working. Even if I’m going out at night, I wear minimal make-up.

What’s the worst thing you can do to your skin?

Going to bed with your make-up on. I have to tell you, honestly, that I rarely do this, but when I do, I notice the next day my skin looks tired, my face is puffy and it’s just not a good look. So I make sure that I clean very well, moisturise and do a bit of a massage after I apply my creams. The most important thing is to wear sun block.

Do you believe in growing old gracefully?

Yes, but that means looking and feeling good. I’ve been having Botox treatments for the past nine years, since I was in my late 20s. Not because I had wrinkles, but because I wanted to delay the signs of wrinkles. If people use Botox where they need it, in a small amount – that looks natural, then that’s growing old gracefully. People don’t need to do facelifts anymore because of what’s available now.

What are the two worst colours to wear together?

I like to wear black because it’s a classic colour. But mixing dark reds, dark greens and dark blues and beiges, I find that quite depressing. So I have in my wardrobe a lot of black and bright colours such as jade, red, royal blue, as well as soft pink and white. Your wardrobe can affect your mood, so be careful what colours you choose.

What’s the most expensive thing you have ever bought?

A haute couture Dior outfit. My husband saw it in a shop window and liked it and told me to go in and get everything, from the dress to the shoes and sunglasses.

What would you change about yourself and what do you love about yourself?

I wish I cared less about what other people think and about what other people expect from me. But if I cared less, I wouldn’t be Joelle. What I like about myself is that I have a big heart. I am a bit emotional sometimes in my business decisions and I do follow my instinct and, alhamdulillah, so far this has been working out for me quite well.

• The Life & Style Show runs from December 5 to 7 in Hall 7 at Adnec. The meet-and-greet with Joelle Mardinian is at 4pm on December 7, though her salon and clinic will have a stand throughout the show.


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