x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Jennifer Lopez: A fashion lowdown

The popular actress does retro chic while promoting her film The Back-up Plan in Paris.


Hair Always impeccably groomed, Jennifer Lopez has gone for a chic Parisian chignon, albeit with artfully loose LA-style honey-coloured wisps gently shading her eyes from the sun. Even for an up-do there's plenty of volume at the roots, showing that you can take Jenny out of the block but you can't take the Hollywood out of Jenny. Make-up Though slightly more pared back than usual, the customary J-Lo face is in place: dark eyeliner emphasising those chestnut eyes, impeccable complexion courtesy of plenty of tan foundation and a pinky sweep to the cheeks. Sixties-style paler-than-usual peach gloss highlights that famous pout - but does the sultry look really work with this demure outfit?

Clothes Something of a U-turn for the usually blinging J-Lo (who wore three different outfits on this same day in Paris), this chic little suit is by the French label Paule Ka. The designer Serge Cajfinger has long been turning out elegant pieces for in-the-know Parisiennes, but he's having a bit of a moment with his pieces suddenly appearing on red carpets everywhere. The sculpted collar on the bolero jacket, the crisp fabric and the pretty, full skirt look primly stylish, though the skirt is perhaps a tad short, making it more girly than glamorous.

Accessories Her retro jewellery goes with the Sixties look - so far so good. And then it all goes wrong: the YSL Tribute platform pumps may be a classic, but black leather with this spring outfit looks clumpy even on the svelte singer, and the proportions are bizarre with the short skirt. If it's possible to make J-Lo's knees look pale and knobbly, these shoes achieve it. * Gemma Champ