x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

In charge of the crowning glory

The hairdresser Lasse Petterson explains his styling choices for the models participating in Muscat Fashion Week.

The hair stylist Lasse Petterson had his hands full making sure the models were runway-ready at Muscat Fashion Week.

Things appear very calm backstage with most of the models ready in plenty of time - is that the case?

Yes, but it's always a bit stressful before a show because there are so many models to prepare and Muscat Fashion Week is the same as any other in that way.

One model's hair has been pulled into a low pony with the tail pinned towards the forehead. What was the inspiration?

I would say, to have a very 90s feel. We wanted to make a contrast between the elegance of the clothes and hair which was a bit rough and ready. The idea was to make all the girls look like they had short hair and you could say it was a little inspired by Rihanna, who has a cropped 'do right now.

Have you done any famous heads of hair?

I've worked with a lot of big names and often Helena Christensen when she's home in Denmark.

How does Muscat Fashion Week compare to European fashion weeks?

Well, the clothes differ a lot in style, of course. But with the hair, we're not doing anything traditional or Arab. Nor is it traditional Scandinavian. It's a mix of many influences, I would say.