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In Brief: Norway warms to fireplace television

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Television viewers in Norway last week did a slow burn about a special programme aired on its public station, but they weren't necessarily angry.

The state broadcaster NRK aired a burning fireplace - complete with firewood specialists providing commentary - for 12 hours.

"It will be very slow but noble television," Rune Moeklebust, a producer for the station, had said before the broadcast.

The idea for the show, according to Moeklebust, came from a series of successful books on firewood by Lars Mytting.

In 2011, NRK broadcast 134 hours straight of a cruise ship travelling the Norwegian coast, taking the record for the longest continuous TV programme.

Bunny alarms burglar

A burglar in the process of robbing a home during the night in Devon, UK, is believed to have fled after being scared off by the family's British giant bunny.

Toby the bunny, who weighs 4.5kg and is more than half a metre in length, was sleeping in a cage in the kitchen when the burglar began rifling through drawers. The bunny began thumping its hind leg, which apparently spooked the burglar into fleeing.

Kimberley May, who, along with her fiancé and three-year-old daughter, were asleep at the time, was briefly woken by Toby's thumping but went back to sleep. In the morning, she found her house in disarray with just a few items missing and called the police.

"The rabbit was just traumatised in his cage, shaking" she told The Telegraph. "He's usually really friendly but he tried to go for the policeman."


Easy as ABCD

A woman in Texas beat odds of one in 70 million this week when she gave birth to two sets of identical twins at the same time.

Tressa Montalvo and her husband, Manuel Jr, already have a two-year-old son, and now have Ace, Blaine, Cash and Dylan to add to the family. The boys aren't quadruplets, as two each shared a single placenta. The parents weren't using fertility drugs, according to the Houston hospital where Tressa gave birth.

"We planned the pregnancy. I guess we just succeeded a little too much!" said Mrs Montalvo. But they may not be done yet. According to Reuters, Manuel still wants to try for a girl.

Brothers' smoking win

Two brothers in Wichita, Kansas, US, saw their dreams go up in smoke after winning the lottery.

According to The Wichita Eagle newspaper, the two brothers, who were not named, won US$75,000 (Dh275,000) and decided to celebrate by buying marijuana and other drugs. While at home, one of the brothers began filling a butane torch they planned to use for their drugs, when the vapours ignited.

"The butane vapour reached the pilot light in the furnace, and as you might expect, ka-boom," said Bruce Watts, a police sergeant. One brother was sent to hospital with second-degree burns, while the other was arrested.

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