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Your home may be clean, but is it germ free?

Even if your home is spotless, it might not be germ free. Here are some bacteria-ridden hot spots that you may be neglecting.

Your home may be spotless, but it's not necessarily germ free. Here are some bacteria-ridden hot spots you may be forgetting.

You wash your bed linen and pillowcases frequently, but when was the last time you gave your pillows a good clean? Pillows are teeming with mould, bacteria and dust mites, so wash them as often as possible.

What about your light switches, cooker knobs and refrigerator and cabinet handles? Anything that gets touched regularly is a hotbed of germs, so disinfect these areas every couple of weeks.

Reusable shopping bags are another problem area. Since they are in constant contact with food, they are full of harmful bacteria. Use a bag made from a washable material and wash it in hot water once a week. Likewise, think of all the icky surfaces the bottom of your handbag comes into contact with every day. Clean it with antibacterial wipes and avoid dumping it on the kitchen counter.

Other problem areas are toothbrushes - replace them every two or three months - rings and mobile phones. But the worst culprit is your kitchen sponge. Dampen your sponge and pop it into the microwave (at a high setting) for two minutes every day. Replace it after two weeks.

* Selina Denman