x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

What not to miss at Design Days Dubai

Our pick of the top five designers, galleries, objects and events to catch at Design Days Dubai.

Victor Hunt Designart Dealer - Clock Clock White. Courtesy Design Days Dubai
Victor Hunt Designart Dealer - Clock Clock White. Courtesy Design Days Dubai

The live performances

Make sure to catch the three live performances that will take place over the course of the fair. Belgian designer Jens Praet will transform six kilograms of shredded magazines into a side table (pictured); Studio Swine will be creating one piece of furniture a day out of reclaimed concrete, rebar and crushed marble as part of its Construction Series and Khalid Shafar will craft the Illusion armchair using 8,500 pearls.

Clock work

Humans Since 1982 has created a special 3.44-metre-long kinetic clock installation called A Million Times for Design Days Dubai. The installation consists of almost 300 interconnected analogue clocks. Each clock contains two motors that drive the minute and hour-hand independently, and together they create one giant display, showcasing customisable text, patterns and graphics. Prepare to be dazzled.

Best of British

The British Crafts Council is bringing a group of UK-based craft makers and gallery owners to Design Days Dubai. Four prominent galleries, representing 18 designers, will be on hand to present the best of British craftsmanship. These include: Gallery Libby Sellers, which will showcase Rolf Sachs's contemporary chess sets and Simon Hasan's "boiled leather" lights (pictured); Gallery SO, which will present David Clarke's gravity-defying Drip and Simone ten Hompel's silver and lava rock vessels; Marsden Woo Gallery, with Ken Eastman's abstract ceramic pots and Martin Smith's colourful wall pieces; and Vessel Gallery, which will showcase striking glass pieces by George Papadopoulos.

Local galleries

Don't miss the chance to check out Dubai-based galleries. J+A Gallery will present a selection of rare industrial and mid-century design objects and salvaged goods from Germany and Central Europe; La Galerie Nationale will present contemporary works by the Italian designer Helidon Xhixha (pictured), as well as other "classic modern" pieces; Nakkash Gallery, which was founded in 1983, will bring a collection of new, futuristic pieces to the show; and The Majlis Gallery will present a series of objects by the Syrian sculptor Mustafa Ali.

African appeal

South Africa's Southern Guild is returning to the show this year and represents some of the country's foremost designers, including Gregor Jenkin, William Kentridge, Brett Murray, Wayne Barker, Bronze Age, Dokter and Misses, John Vogel, Michaella Janse van Vuuren, Porky Hefer, Egg and Willowlamp. We love the colourful, artisanal, handmade feel of the gallery's collections.