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Unabashedly girlie accessories at Les Invasions Éphémères

Home Shopping This bizarre but beguiling site features a mix of wall decals, cushions and tea towels, all with strong flower, bird and butterfly motifs.

Pot holders, €15 (Dh78)
Pot holders, €15 (Dh78)

Inspired by Scandinavian landscapes and her floral-print childhood dresses from Liberty's, Sofia Antonovich's Parisian boutique, Les Invasions Éphémères, is a shrine to all things pretty - a girlie paradise of flowery wall decals, shabby-chic white-painted furniture and vintage gilt-framed mirrors.

The Invasions Éphémères website is the online equivalent of Sofia's Paris shop. There are graceful butterfly and bird animations, tweeting and tinkling sound effects and ditsy florals galore. Once you've muted the birdsong, you can get down to some serious shopping.

Central to the collection are the stunning wall decals. They can be affixed to any smooth, clean and dry surface - walls, mirrors, doors, ceilings, floors, computers and even cars. There's a gallimaufry of designs to suit every taste, from poetic French phrases and elegant antique-style picture frames, to retro scooters and President Barack Obama. It's a bizarre but beguiling mix. Sofia designs most of them herself, but also stocks decals from other designers, so you'll find guitars and jazz musicians from the New York artist Dave Quattrini alongside sassy 1950s pin-up dolls from Camille Jeanne.

The "special decals for men" section features car and vinyl record designs, while the Barocco range features life-size furniture decals - a bath, a fireplace and a fairy tale-style chair covered with swirls.

The new summer collection boasts a gorgeous new range of beautiful floral-print cushions, incorporating silhouettes of the Eiffel Tower, dragonflies, birds and birdcages. It's hard to say why, but my favourite is the slightly odd "I feel like a parrot" cushion, though the small oval-shaped Cameo Bouquet, with its vintage rose design, is lovely, too. There's also a great selection of tea towels and pot holders with similar prints.

The success of Sofia's romantic empire means she has already expanded; her birds and butterflies now grace notebooks, business card holders, purses and jewellery, while her decorative stickers for iPhones and laptops let girlie girls turn their keyboards fuchsia and plaster their gadgets with flowers and birds. It's all very lovely, if a little twee. I think I'll stick to the peculiar parrot cushions.

For shipping rates to the UAE, visit www.lesinvasionsephemeres.com or call 0033 971 42 66 29

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