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Trendspotting: What to expect from 2012

A look ahead at the 2012 events, from economic summits to the Olympics and pop cultural anniversaries, that will influence design trends.

Mandy Gold loveseat from the Guilty Pleasures Collection by KOKET.
Mandy Gold loveseat from the Guilty Pleasures Collection by KOKET.

As a trend forecaster it's important to keep an eye on events that will take place around the world over the next few years. Everything from film releases and sporting events to elections and commemorations will set the coming styles and define what resonates with us as consumers. Part of my work involves translating all the gathered information on coming events into actual trend forecasts - colours, patterns, shapes etc. In terms of 2012, here is a month-by-month breakdown of those events we think will influence future trends.

January sees the start of a year-long celebration of James Bond - it's 50 years since the secret agent first appeared on cinema screens. Expect the release of the movie Skyfall, TV reruns and new 007-inspired products.

The 84th Academy Awards on February 26 will be a significant indicator of fashion influences and, of course, this also filters through into trends for the home. We focus our attention on winners of the Best Picture and Best Costume Design categories.

India hosts the second summit of the BRICS Trade Ministers in New Delhi in March. The durability of the global economic recovery depends to a great degree on how their economies perform, so it's worth keeping abreast of the decisions made there.

The Titanic set out on its fateful voyage 100 years ago in April. Expect documentaries and TV dramas as well as a re-release of the Titanic movie in 3D. There will also be a poignant memorial service at the exact site and time the Titanic sank.

The official date of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee is in February but the main celebrations begin towards the end of May and continue for three months, with members of the royal family travelling to 15 countries.

The Rio+20 Earth Summit in Brazil in June is regarded as a chance for world leaders to put humanity on a sustainable track. The agenda includes poverty eradication and sustainable development.

The London Olympics opening ceremony takes place on July 27, making London the first city in history to host the games three times. Filmmaker Danny Boyle is the art director for the opening and closing ceremonies.

August 5 will mark the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's untimely death. Expect documentaries, touring exhibitions of photographs and paintings, book releases and products featuring the film legend.

Running from September 15 to 23, the 10th London Design Festival will include hundreds of design shows and events across the city. The UK's world-class and hugely influential creative community will be showcased over these nine days.

In October it will be 50 years since The Beatles released their first single, Love Me Do. It's the perfect opportunity for the release of 50th anniversary offerings, cover songs and tributes.

The US presidential election will be held on November 6. At the time of writing, Newt Gingrich topped the polls as most likely to lead the Republicans and attempt to snatch a second term away from the incumbent Barack Obama.

December 25 will see the release of the film adaptation of The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan. Expect a renaissance of Jazz Age style and a renewed passion for the patterns, furniture and interior art deco look of the period. I am currently coveting this fabulous Mandy Gold loveseat by KOKET.

Victoria Redshaw is the managing director of Scarlet Opus; www.trendsblog.co.uk and twitter.com/scarletopus