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Trendspotting: Laser-cut leather tiles create an off-the-wall look

With so many exciting wallpaper and leather tile options, it's easy to banish the blandness of plain walls.

Genevieve Bennett's Maze leather wall tiles, inspired by Japanese cut screens, introduce pared-down pattern, texture and luxury into a room.
Genevieve Bennett's Maze leather wall tiles, inspired by Japanese cut screens, introduce pared-down pattern, texture and luxury into a room.

Wallpaper has enjoyed something of a renaissance over the past decade. Introduced tentatively as a refreshing antidote to outright minimalism, it is now available in a plethora of patterns.It has developed far beyond the standard 2D repeated patterns to include the LED and crystal embellished wallpapers of Meystyle, the shimmering sequinned wallcoverings of Tracy Kendall and the interactive wallpapers of Rachel Kelly, which incorporate stylised wall stickers.

With so many exciting options, it is easy to banish the blandness of plain walls, no matter what your decorative tastes. Wallpapering one main wall in a room creates a design feature that visually links all of the furniture, textiles, accessories and colours. Wallpaper is one of the simplest and quickest ways to make a strong style impact in your home.

A few years ago, a new wave of designers and companies began working with leather tiles and wall panels to create unique interior design solutions. The long-established Studioart in Italy led the way with its elegant custom-made ranges of luxury wall tiles made from the finest quality Italian leather. The exquisite mosaic tile formations are made up of a variety of textures, colours and even metallic finishes.

More recently, designers such as Helen Amy Murray introduced 3D sculptural leather wall panels incorporating intricate quilting techniques. Then there are laser cut leather wall tiles and panels. Laser cutting has become a popular technique, enabling designers to create complex, finely detailed cut-out designs with beautifully finished, smooth edges.

One such designer working with this technique is Genevieve Bennett, whose new collection of decorative leathers for walls and floors launched at DesignJunction during the London Design Festival in September. Building on her existing bespoke, hand-sculpted leather panels, Genevieve introduced new techniques to her portfolio, including engraved relief, layered relief, inlaid, embossed and debossed leathers in elegant and striking geometric patterns. My favourite is the layered relief Maze design, pictured here. These white-on-white wall tiles, inspired by Japanese cut screens, are wonderfully complex yet beautifully restrained and would enhance traditional Arabian decor as well as a contemporary Western style.

So, if you would like to introduce pared-down pattern, texture and a uniquely luxurious wall feature in one of your own rooms, the answer could lie in laser cut leather tiles.

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