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Trendspotting: Electric colours really make things pop

Loud and daring colours are indicative of our refreshed attitude for the new year.
Zoo Raspberry wallcovering by Meystyle. www.meystyle.com
Zoo Raspberry wallcovering by Meystyle. www.meystyle.com

As we leave behind a year of financial turmoil, political debate and catastrophic natural disaster, we begin a new chapter filled with positivity and good vibrations, with new year resolutions focused on ideas of community and sharing, innovation and pushing boundaries.

We apply this refreshed attitude to all areas of our lives, including our homes. Now is the time to fill your life with electric colour and embrace the loudest and most daring of the season's trends: electro pop. High impact, bold and strong with a postmodern, MTV pop feel, this trend is about embracing the future: understanding technology and social media at a new level; stepping away from our fears of fast change and moving towards a new, optimistic and technological age. The notion of being constantly linked to the real world translates visually into a connected, interactive style with powerful, strong colours, bold graphics and kitsch, retro and sporty details.

Bright pops and blocks of colour are now familiar in the world of fashion, and finally the interiors market has been brave enough to buy into this trend, too. Think about a kaleidoscopic colour palette of optic white, electric blue and intensely saturated brights including hot pink and "vitamin C" orange grounded with an edgy black and concrete greys that help to soften the bright colours and add that all important urban twist.

Comic book and pop-art graphic design have a strong presence this season, referencing our new attitude towards a recovery from the recession as we take matters into our own hands and forge ahead with an upbeat, can-do approach. These influences work particularly well on upholstery fabrics, cushions and accessories, such as Jimmie Martin's wonderful Swoosch and Glam chairs.

Geometrics also play an important role, particularly hexagons and prisms, which look super cool and funky. Wallcoverings are a great way of working with geometric patterns. Favourite designs include Meystyle's Zoo Raspberry wallcovering and Karim Rashid's 3D wall panels, which are available in a gorgeous range of intense shades.

Joel Escalona's Rocky furniture collection effectively combines bold pops of colour and geometric form to create pieces that are packed with attitude. Described as an "expression of domestic rebellion", his work epitomises this trend.

Be inspired by Karim Rashid's colour-injected design for Switch restaurant in the Dubai Mall. He has created a vibrant, energetic space with a retro, futuristic look which perfectly captures the punchy attitude of electro pop.

Shelly Pond is the creative director of Scarlet Opus. For more information visit www.trendsblog.co.uk or www.twitter.com/scarletopus

Updated: January 5, 2012 04:00 AM