x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 24 January 2018

Six of the Best: Finds from Design Days Dubai

An eye-catching array of collectable design objects will be on show during the event. Here are some that you won't want to miss.

Double Buffet Nouvelle Zelande. Courtesy of Carpenters Workshop Gallery and Vincent Dubourg
Double Buffet Nouvelle Zelande. Courtesy of Carpenters Workshop Gallery and Vincent Dubourg

Double trouble

Designed by the critically acclaimed French designer Vincent Dubourg, the black steel Double Buffet Nouvelle Zelande has been cut and twisted to look as if it is in a state of decay. The piece, which will be showcased at Design Days Dubai by Carpenters Workshop Gallery, is also the winner of the prestigious 2011 Moët Hennessy Pavilion of Art and Design New York Prize.

Fusion design

Dominic Harris is an interactive artist whose latest creation, Phable, blurs the distinctions between table and light. Commissioned by Priveekollektie in The Netherlands, Phable will make its debut at Design Days Dubai and is tipped to be a show-stopper.

Seoul food

Design Days Dubai is the Seoul-based gallery Croft's first international design fair. As part of its offering, the gallery will showcase the 0121 Chair by the acclaimed Korean designer Lee Jae-Hyo. Finely crafted out of pine and chestnut, the chair is characterised by its incredible tactility.

Presenze of mind

Designed exclusively for Italy's Nilufar Gallery, the Presenze collection was created by Piergiorgio Robino and Alice Carlotta Occleppo of the Torino-based Nucleo design studio. Made up of five-centimetre-by-five-centimetre cubes cast in epoxy resin, the collection gives traditional, 19th-century baroque forms a new, minimalist twist.

Cedar heights

All work exhibited by Galerie BSL at Design Days Dubai has been exclusively commissioned by the gallery owner Beatrice Saint-Laurent and consists of limited-edition pieces that explore the shifting borders between contemporary art, design and architecture. We particularly love the Cedar folding screen by the French-Lebanese designer Charles Kalpakian.

Stitched up

The Brussels-based design dealer, collector and adviser Victor Hunt is well known for investing in emerging designers' graduation, prototype and limited-edition works. Among these is Stitching Concrete, a new project by the young German designer Florian Schmid, which involves the time-intensive process of folding fabric that has been impregnated with cement and then drenched in water.