x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 25 July 2017

Rare vintage finds in Dubai

The newly established vintage furniture market in the UAE opens the door for rare finds.

Louis Durot's La Spiral chair. Courtesy La Galerie Nationale
Louis Durot's La Spiral chair. Courtesy La Galerie Nationale

"Exceptional, unique and rare" is how Guillaume Cuiry describes the vintage furniture on sale at La Galerie Nationale, which opened last month in Dubai. Specialising in original, discontinued art furniture from the 1930s-1970s, little of which still exists, Cuiry has been active in Europe for the past two decades, representing the work of some of the most outstanding designers of the 20th century.

Vintage furniture on sale in the UAE is itself something of a rarity. The market in the region is still in relative infancy but Cuiry says that change is already underway with serious art buyers also investing in design, so you should expect such scarcity to soar. Would-be investors can view La Galerie Nationale's catalogue online at www.galerie-nationale.ae. Current sale pieces include a Pierre Paulin Tulip chair, Louis Durot's La Spiral Chair (left) and a rare red floorlight by Fabio Lenci. Buy now, while you still can.


La Galerie Nationale, Unit 27, Street 8, Al Serkal Avenue, Al Quoz 1, Dubai