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My luxury life: Khalid Shafar

Khalad Shafar, the Dubai furniture designer, talks about some of his favourite things.

Khalid Shafar. Courtesy of Khalid Shafar
Khalid Shafar. Courtesy of Khalid Shafar

If you could wake up anywhere else in the world tomorrow, where would it be? Istanbul.

What is your favourite hotel? Albergo Hotel in Beirut, and The House Hotel, Istanbul.

Where is the best service you have ever experienced? Zuma, in DIFC, Dubai.

In terms of your wardrobe, do you have a regular go-to designer? I can't name just one designer as I like to mix pieces from different labels such as Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacob, Balenciaga, Carolina Herrera and Armani.

Which grooming product or treatment do you swear by? 1847 in Emirates Towers in Dubai is one of my favourite male grooming places. I also strongly recommend the Bastien Gonzalez Pedi:Man at the One & Only Royal Mirage, Dubai.

What was your first luxury purchase? My first Swiss-made watch. I was 18 and saved up to buy it after graduating from high school.

Are you a collector? If so, what do you collect? Art. I'm currently buying pieces by Middle Eastern artists.

If you could invest in the work of one artist or designer, who would you choose? A limited-edition piece from the Campana Brothers would be a must.

What is your most treasured possession? My art collection - and a 25-year-old-watch that belonged to my dad and was passed to me. Another special possession is a book about the Campana Brothers' work, originally signed by both brothers.

If you were to build your dream home, where would it be and what would it look like? I already did here in Dubai. It's very contemporary and minimalist.

Which of your designs means most to you and why? The Dubai board game I made just after I'd moved to New Zealand from Dubai. I was very homesick and put all my emotions into making it.

What has been the highlight of your career so far? The opening of KASA - the new home of my creations, in the industrial area of Ras Al Khor. It's part of the vision to transform this area to Dubai's Design district.

Do you have an essential gadget or piece of technology? I am far away from being a technology man but I love my BlackBerry.

Do you have a favourite shopping district? Milan is one of my favourite shopping cities. The Golden Triangle Via Monte Napoleone, Via della Spiga, and those streets that run between them, Via Sant' Andrea, Via Gesù, Via Borgospesso are musts to shop from and window browse.

What is the most-played music on your iPod right now? Not on my iPod, but in my design gallery space KASA, I'm playing lots of jazz by Ella Fitzgerald.

What is your next project or ambition? I'm currently working on four projects for the 2013 Design Days Dubai show. My ambition is to present my Emirati designs in Milan, Paris and New York.

KASA, 7, Street 22a, Ras AlKhor Industrial 1, Dubai. For private viewing, info@khalidshafar.com. www.khalidshafar.com, PO Box 3492, Dubai, UAE