x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Make the most of your terrace

Even without a garden you can enjoy plants, flowers and nature in your home.

Many of us in the UAE don't have private gardens. However, terrace gardens are a great alternative if you want to bring a bit of the outside into your home. While penthouses and larger balconies offer more space for various elements, even in a small balcony, if space is used correctly, you can create a sanctuary within your home.

First, ask yourself exactly what you hope to achieve with your terrace garden. Do you want a beautiful area to lounge in and entertain or simply a corner with some greenery to add life to your home? Pandanus, gardenia, ixora, bougainvillea and ficus are ideal for such spaces as they add colour and don't require much maintenance. It is also important to use plants that can thrive if the balcony or terrace is located up high, as not all plants can withstand windy conditions. Artificial turf is also a great alternative, as many modern varieties look very natural. The use of wooden decking or composite wooden decking will make the space feel cosy. Large pots, sculptures and pedestals are good final touches. LED lighting will make your space look grand at night, while the use of seating and shaded areas will be perfect for a quiet retreat.

Sejal Nagjee is founder of Milestone Gardens & Interiors, www.landscapingdubai.com