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Into designer territory selected by French sisters at Bodie and Fou

Home Shopping: Bodie and Fou is run by two French sisters and built through their Twitter feed and personal blog that gives insights into their own gorgeous homes.

Bird Clothes Pegs from Bodie and Fou.
Bird Clothes Pegs from Bodie and Fou.

Online boutique Bodie and Fou was founded by two stylish French sisters, Elodie (nicknamed Bodie) and Karine (Fou) Kong, who dreamt of creating an elegant collection to reflect their shared love of design. Today, Elodie is based in Barcelona, while Karine lives in London, but they still work together every day online, selecting beautiful home accessories from around the globe to add to their ever-expanding range.

Their savvy use of social media tools such as Twitter has given the duo a cult-like following. This is more than just a shop - it's a lifestyle to aspire to. Karine's black-and-white photography features on the website, and there are personal insights into the sisters' own gorgeous homes, families and lives on their inspiring blog - well worth a browse if you can stomach the perfection of it all.


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This is designer territory, with carefully selected buys from Europe, Japan and the US. Although it's an eclectic mix, the sisters' impeccable good taste ensures all the products sit together beautifully. You'll find statement furniture such as striking Finn Stone Ball chairs (like giant glossy snooker balls - in a good way); I'd go for grey or yellow. Or both.

There's a fabulous range of lighting here, too, with all the timeless classics you'd expect: Elegant Cluster lights from Kathleen Hills sit next to Mauricio Klabin's Eclipse lamp. There are smaller buys, too, including designer accessories from the likes of Normann Copenhagen and quirkier items like fun plates from paper-cutter Rob Ryan.

It's these unexpected little buys that make Bodie and Fou much more than just another designer shop. This site is the sisters' own, edited selection - they just stock what they like, in the hopes that we'll like it, too. And, of course, we do.

www.bodieandfou.com; for shipping information, call 00 44 208 450 5600