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How to work emerald green into your home

Pantone has named this jewel tone as its colour of the year for 2013. Here are some tips to bring a dash of emerald into your interior.

Emerald Mini Swatch. Courtesy Pantone
Emerald Mini Swatch. Courtesy Pantone

The most influential authority on colour has spoken: Pantone has named emerald green as its colour of the year.

The world's leading designers are lapping it up. From stunning green gowns at the Grammys (take a bow, Givenchy, for Florence Welch's "dinosaur dress") to the elegant interiors in big-name design magazines, emerald is everywhere.

Some social media gurus on Pinterest are even heralding a revival of "Wizard of Oz chic", 74 years after the iconic movie put the colour on the map with its Emerald City. That may be stretching things, but there's certainly no shortage of options if you want to go green at home this year, thanks to a host of interior ideas based on Pantone 17-5641.

Expect a few changes around the house and in your life if you take the plunge, because emerald is not just a pretty colour. "Green is the most abundant hue in nature - the human eye sees more green than any other colour in the spectrum," says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, in a press statement. "It's also the colour of growth, renewal and prosperity — no other colour conveys regeneration more than green."

Sounds tempting, but be warned: fashion is fickle and this year's must-have colour could soon be last season's has-been. Tangerine Tango was the colour of the year for 2012, so what do you do if the paint is only just drying on your bright orange living room? Remember that most of us only have the energy - or money - to redecorate every two to three years.

Whether you opt for a complete makeover or just want to add a couple of trendy accessories, here are six ways to bring a dash of emerald into your home:

1. Pattern

As much as we love Pantone's colour choice, truth be told, emerald green can be a bit overwhelming if used too liberally. If you're after the emerald wow-factor but not keen on an all-green room, look at introducing the colour through pattern. Pattern is a big trend in fashion and interiors for 2013, so hunt out wallpaper, cushions, rugs and curtains with emerald designs. Geometric patterns, illustrated prints and graphic lines are good options. For a masculine look, work with the bold lines of a chevron pattern; for something more whimsical and feminine, check out Ikea's Cecilia fabric. Match these with a neutral background for a subtle dose of the colour in your space.

2. Glass and ceramics

We all know that emerald stones make for jaw-dropping jewellery - they could make a similar statement in your home interiors. Emerald tones have a standout quality in glassware, particularly if you get the lighting right, so position one or two glass vases in your living room to catch the early morning sunrise. In the dining room, add a splash of colour to your tablescape by introducing emerald crystal; paired with fresh, white china it oozes sophistication. For a classy, high-end addition Baccarat's crystal waterglasses will work wonders, but don't despair if you're on a budget: Zara Home has a great selection of emerald glass tumblers and serving dishes. Subtly reinforce the colour in your napkins, candles or flower arrangements.

3. Accent furniture

While floor-to-ceiling green walls might be a bit much, the odd, scatter cushion may not be enough. Accent furniture pieces offer an attractive middle ground. If most of your furniture is in neutral tones, introduce an emerald upholstered armchair; this gives your accent hue centre stage without allowing it to completely dominate. Go a step further by using emerald green to define a small area within a larger room - such as a dining space. Kartell's Victoria Green ghost chairs work a treat and are available from Kart Design on Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai.

4. Contrast

One of the wonderful things about emerald is that it plays nicely with other colours. Contrasting crisp white walls with black accents and emerald tones will make a strong, classic statement. For a more vibrant and fun feel, offset the depth of emerald with a complementary colour: artwork and accessories in yellows, paler greens and coral pinks. These colour combinations are a huge hit on the catwalk and if used in the right proportions can add an energetic feel to your interiors.

5. Encore

Create a harmonious look throughout your home by introducing emerald shades in each room. It's probably too bold to use excessively in a bedroom, so bed linen is a clever and easy way to add a splash of emerald to your sleeping area without keeping you up at night. The designers at Pantone have teamed up with American department store JC Penney to create an entire bed and bath collection based on this year's colour of the year, trimmed with white or cream. To get hold of it in the UAE you'll need a shop-and-ship-type service.

6. Metallic accents

Emerald is a rich tone. Enhance its luxurious feel by adding metallic touches in your interiors. A metallic accent table or lustrous accessories will exaggerate the lushness of this jewel-toned hue, but choose your metal carefully: opt for warm brass and bronze instead of cooler chrome and stainless steel finishes.



What is Pantone?

Pantone established itself as a global authority on colour through its experimental work creating shades of paint in the 1960s. Today, this American company is the undisputed word authority on colour trends.

To choose its colour of the year, designers at Pantone scour the world for trends in fields such as art, fashion and movies. They also consider the mood of the moment: the world is pretty gloomy right now, so they've picked an upbeat shade. When the world is in a vibrant frenzy they go for a soothing hue to calm us down.