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Home Shopping: Pretty paper decorations from Jurianne Matter

This range of nostalgic home accessories shows just how versatile and practical paper can be.

Little lanterns, €10.95 (Dh58),
Little lanterns, €10.95 (Dh58),

The Dutch artist Jurianne Matter inherited her passion for paper and pattern from her grandmother. After training to be an interior stylist, she began to work as a product designer, and now sells her own range of home accessories from Bussum, the Netherlands. Don't worry about expensive shipping costs - everything she creates is made entirely of paper.

Jurianne's Shine lanterns are particularly lovely. They come flat-packed, so they make great gifts to post and they're easy to construct with paper flaps and folds. The design is reversible, so you can choose your favourite pattern for the exterior, and change it around after a while. You'll need to put a small jam jar or drinking glass inside each to hold small tea light candles.

I like the Blom cardboard flowers, too, which come with floristry wire and have a host of decorative uses. You could thread them onto string to make bunting for a party, skewer them with cocktail sticks to decorate cupcakes, or attach them to the enclosed wire to make an everlasting floral arrangement in a vase. They would also make cute gift tags.

Made of cardboard, the pop-up 3D Little Trees come in greeting card form, then fold out to become little ornaments, so you can send them to friends with a message. They're so simple, but very sweet.

Jurianne says she finds inspiration in the strangest of places: a Russian sweet wrapper, a paper bag around a loaf of French bread, childhood family holidays to Scandinavia - all these influences are incorporated into her designs.

A lot of Jurianne's accessories have a nostalgic quality. Her paper Wish Boat decorations resemble the newspaper ships children fold to float on ponds. They can be turned into mobiles, candle holders or used as bowls for sweets at a party. Her paper place marker Angels remind me of a hanging decoration my mother used to have.

This collection is a magical trip down memory lane and shows just how pretty paper can be.

See more of Jurianne's work at www.juriannematter.nl, then shop online at www.bijzondermooi.com