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Home Shopping: Limited-edition wall coverings from Minakani Walls

This small selection of striking, contemporary creations can be adapted to suit any interior scheme.

Peacocks. Julien Prenat / Minakani Walls
Peacocks. Julien Prenat / Minakani Walls

Having designed accessories and patterns for the likes of West Elm, H&M, Urban Outfitters and Louis Vuitton, the French designers Cécile Figuette and Frédéric Bonnin ventured into wall coverings.

Ignoring traditional printing methods and designs, they began to produce ranges of limited-edition, bespoke digital wall coverings under the label Minakani Walls. They're striking, creative, contemporary and unusual - and because they're made to measure, can even be adapted to suit your colour scheme.

Cécile and Frédéric limit each of their designs to 100 orders, so their exclusive quality is preserved. There's nothing like a limited edition to get the tongues of the design world wagging - and there's never a danger of becoming mainstream or overexposed. It's a brave and clever move.

There aren't many patterns to choose from (just nine at the time of writing), but this brand is about quality, not quantity. Despite the small selection, there's something for everyone. For a children's room, I love the fun Animals design, a menagerie of sketched creatures with brightly coloured eyes that kids will love.

Minakani's monochrome designs are subtle but stunning. Birds, Copenhague and Cloudy are all made of symmetrical, kaleidoscope-style patterns that look as if they've been drawn in ink. For a real statement, there are bolder, more graphic designs: multicoloured thunder bolts (Foudre) and enormous strutting peacocks.

The design world's obsession with geometric patterns continues, so Minakani's Mosaic print is right on trend with multicoloured harlequin diamonds in a pleasing palette of dusty rose, mustard yellow and steely grey.

It's all very now and very cheery - except for the Carpates design, which is not cheery at all. The landscape of dark mountain peaks looks a bit like something out of a Tolkien novel. Gothic, strange and dark, it would make a dramatic mural behind a living room sofa.

For shipping rates to the UAE, visit www.minakaniwalls.com