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Home Shopping: imaginative, feminine homeware at La Cerise sur le Gâteau

The Paris-based textile designer Anne Hubert's quirky illustrations cheer up tea towels, cushions and bed linen.

Bride tea towel, €14.50 (Dh72) at La Cerise Sur Le Gateau. Photo by Coco Amardeil
Bride tea towel, €14.50 (Dh72) at La Cerise Sur Le Gateau. Photo by Coco Amardeil

The Paris-based textile designer Anne Hubert launched her mail-order company La Cerise sur le Gâteau (The Cherry on the Cake) in 2005 to sell her quirky screen-printed kitchen accessories. Her collection has since expanded to include cushion covers, aprons and tablecloths, but every item still oozes her signature style - imaginative and feminine with plenty of pink and a sprinkling of polka dots.

Hubert's whimsical designs feature elegant flamingos, pretty high-heeled shoes and romantic Eiffel Towers, which can be perused via a colourful slide show of fun photographs taken by Coco Amardeil.

I can't get enough of Hubert's kooky look. I particularly like her range of tea towels, which are more like works of art than kitchen textiles. They'd bring cheer to any chore, and could just as easily be framed and hung on the wall. I love the Bride tea towel, which features a vintage wedding photograph and a delicate cake illustration. Check out the Alice cushion cover, too - you don't see Alice's face, just her pretty dress, her stunning shoes and a very Gallic cigarette in her hand.

There's plenty to choose from: bed linen with kitsch deer designs and ditsy floral patterns, mad moustache-themed cushion covers and vests (which kids will love), napkins with elegant cameos, fun cherry bibs and stylish tablecloths.

Hubert often takes inspiration from vintage objects but gives them a contemporary twist with her sketchy illustrations and a flash of bright colour - an antique chair is printed in hot fluorescent pink, an old lamp given a makeover with electric purple, a Polaroid camera sketched on a neon green cushion. Her range is a beguiling mix of old and new - very "now" and très, très chic.

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