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Home Shopping: Clever wallpapers from Studio Ditte

Photographic and 3D-effect image wallpapers are some of the playful and stylish accessories made by the Dutch design agency Studio Ditte.

Kwan bookcase.
Kwan bookcase.

The Dutch design agency Studio Ditte was founded in 2005 by a trio of talented graphic designers: Marieke Dirks, Natasja Heesbeen and Endry van Zwam. Today, their playful digital wallpapers are famous worldwide and their home accessories collection expands every season.

Head here for photographic digitally printed wallpaper featuring a huge array of fun, 3D-effect images. From colourful robots and pretty porcelain plates to retro cars, bright buttons and paper birdhouses, the designs look real and are fun and bright without being too cutesy or naff. Yes, some of them are perfect for a stylish children's bedroom, but most of the designs could go pretty much anywhere in the house. The Dutch Plates paper would look lovely in a dining room, while the Scrapwood design could transform a living room in to a shabby-chic beach shack - just add driftwood furniture to complete the look.

Studio Ditte is best known for its whimsical wallpapers, but there is plenty more to explore. Beautiful bed linen, designer-style storage shelves, fun paper ornaments and stationery galore - it's a treasure trove of quirky home buys. I like the simple felt cushions best: squirrels, Chinese symbols, rabbits and tractors. They're plain padded shapes and, therefore, super-stylish.

The Kwan (Chinese for stick) bookcase is a clever design, inspired by the way laundry is dried in China - on horizontal sticks outside windows. You can hang items from the sticks or balance books on them. The system serves as an ever-evolving display as well as handy wall storage.

If I had to choose one item to buy here it would be the paper birdhouse set. These little fold-up boxes can be used to wrap gifts, as table setting place markers or even as a decorative garland. Plus, they're flat-packed and light, so shipping is a cinch.

For shipping rates to the UAE, visit www.studioditte.com