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Home Shopping: Cheerful, quirky cushion covers at White Horse Home

With so many other companies peddling samey products, these original designs offer a refreshing change.

Cross cushion cover. Courtesy of White Horse Home
Cross cushion cover. Courtesy of White Horse Home

After years spent dreaming about it, the Sydney-based nursery teacher and homeware fanatic Ali Shaw took the plunge and launched her home accessories brand, White Horse Home, three months ago. So far she has few regrets. "Cushions don't cry or spew," she says.

Together with her husband Ryan, a former fashion designer, Ali is designing and compiling the brand's debut collection. It's a small but select offering so far, but more ranges are on the way.

For now, there is a great choice of cushion covers featuring quirky, unusual designs, including badminton shuttlecocks and appliqued horses' heads in a delicious retro palette.

If you're looking to bring some cheer to your interior, check out the cushions with slogans such as Today Is a Good Day. My favourite is the cross cover, a simple primrose yellow cross on a rustic, hessian-style backing.

Original ideas are always a pleasure to stumble across, and because so many companies peddle similar, samey designs, White Horse Home is refreshing.

Elsewhere there are elegant "wallwares", printed canvas wall hangings on oak batons. They are super-chic and look good hung from a picture rail or rusty nail. Plus they're easy to ship.

For shipping rates to the UAE, visit www.whitehorsehome.com or call 0061 028 437 3516