x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Home Shopping: Ancient craft meets modern style at Room39

Petra Green's website has quickly become one of the coolest interiors shops online, with hand-picked products as well as in-house designers.

Founded in 2010 by the designer Petra Green, Room39 has quickly become one of the coolest interiors shops on the web, full of fresh, fashionable designs from the talented in-house team as well as other artisans that Petra stumbles across. Most of the products marry ancient craft techniques with modern technology to produce the brand's signature look: "tradition with a twist."

The latest additions to this carefully curated collection are no exception. Room39's new screen-printed cotton Knit Knit bed linen features a magnified, graphic pattern inspired by chunky knitted wool textures. Knot-like stitches and purls create a stunning geometric print similar to Origami folds. It comes in five practically edible colours with very tasty names: Ink, Pink, Banana, Tangerine and Sky. Even the packaging is cool: little drawstring bags with neon tags.

Room39's wool Weave rugs are a real treat, too. This is contemporary latticework at it's best. We've all seen laser-cut felt rugs before, but these aren't the delicate and pretty type that is so in vogue. They're masculine and harsh, all straight criss-crossed lines, pointed triangles and jagged corners. They'd look great in any room, but despite their sharp shapes are so soft underfoot that I'd pop one beside the bed.

The new screen-printed scatter cushion collection is another highlight. Inspired by rocks and stony textures, they're covered with splintery chips of pattern. I like the Marmo cushion best, backed with Granit print design. It's granite-like, as you'd expect, but also reminds me of the shadowy patterns created by sunlight streaming through a dense tree canopy.

Don't miss the beautiful crocheted Peacock lampshades, either. Handmade in South Africa, they look like huge globes spun from vintage black lace doilies and make striking show-stoppers. I'm thinking about hanging one with a fluorescent pink flex above my staircase.

For shipping rates to the UAE, visit www.room39.co.uk