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Home Improvements: the many uses of lemon

Lemon is a natural, inexpensive alternative to your standard cleaning products.

The inexpensive, eco-friendly citrus fruit is a great tool to use around the house, and a natural, chemical-free alternative to standard cleaning products.

Clean your laminated countertops or cutting boards with half a lemon used as a scrubber; the citric acid removes stains quickly. For tough stains, let the juice sit for a few minutes before scrubbing.

Tarnished solid copper and brass items can be polished with lemon sprinkled with salt, massaged onto the surface.

To bleach cotton or polyester clothes, mix half a cup of lemon juice with a gallon of hot water and soak overnight or however long is necessary. Remove and stick the items into the washing machine once they're bleached enough.

Turn an empty lemon shell into an all-natural bird feeder. Using a thick needle and sturdy thread, create a handle to hang the lemon shell, making sure to tightly knot the thread at the ends. Mix bird seeds with some peanut butter to weigh them down and stop them from falling out easily, then fill up the lemon shell. They're beautiful when hung directly onto tree branches, as the overall look resembles a lemon tree.


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