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Home improvements: Select your sofa wisely

Practical advice to help you pick the right seating for your space.

If you're in the market for a new sofa, consider four things: size, shape, colour and fabric.

Think about how bold you want to be in pattern and hue. A bright, trendy colour might look fabulous but it may not be practical. Stick with a neutral option in beige or grey, and then use bright scatter cushions or throws to add some visual interest.

Try to be practical with your choice of fabric. That white suede might look plush but it won't look so great once you've spilt something on it and need to give it a scrub. Look for hard-wearing fabrics that are easy to clean.

When it comes to length and width, your sofa should be long enough to nap on - 90 inches should do the trick - and wide enough to curl up on. Your sofa also shouldn't be too low. You don't want people struggling to get off it. A minimum height of 20 inches is generally recommended by interior designers.

Most importantly, double check the dimensions. Will it fit in your lift? Through your door?

Think about the placement of your sofa before you go shopping. A sofa placed in the middle of a narrow room will make it feel narrower; far better to back it up against a wall. And we'd advise against two sofas facing each other. It creates an awkward alleyway that can be a pain to navigate.

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