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Home improvements: Reduce the clutter in your cupboards

Easy tips on how to reduce the clutter in your cupboards.

Don’t you find it extraordinary how quickly stuff accumulates in cupboards? Before you know it, you have no idea what’s actually lurking inside them.

A jam-packed kitchen cupboard should mean that it’s stashed full of food that you can actually eat. Instead, what it invariably means is that it’s full of stuff that you’ve forgotten about. So don’t forget to have a good clear-out of the cupboards every six months or so. That way, you will know what you’ve actually got and you will actually use it.

The same is true when it comes to the fridge and freezer – make sure that they don’t become graveyards for food that you buy with the best intentions but then promptly forget all about.

When you’ve emptied out all the rubbish from a cupboard, to try to avoid clutter quickly accumulating again, decant packets into jars and label them, so that you can quickly see what you’ve got and what you’re running out of. That way you won’t keep buying stuff you’ve already got.

* Taken from Simply Wonderwoman: A Survival Guide for Women with Too Much to Do (Kyle Books) by Joanna Gosling, Dh103, ­www.amazon.com


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