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Home Improvements: Quick and creative projects

Use old books to spruce up your interior.

If you've got some time to spare this weekend, why not try out one of these simple crafts projects?

Old books can be called upon to give a boring, cylindrical vase a revamp, or to create a new storage space for your jewellery.

To spruce up your vase, start by cutting pages out of a book using a utility knife. Then roll each page up into a tight spiral and secure with some paper glue. Line these rolls up, length-wise, along the circumference of the vase, attaching each one to the glass using double-sided tape. It's an incredibly simple idea but looks great.

Create an unusual place to hang your jewellery by drilling two sets of holes into two hardbacks. Then thread a couple of thin wooden rods or dowels through the holes. The books should stand upright and you can hang earrings, bracelets and necklaces on the rods. The older and more vintage-looking the books, the better.

We also like lining old glass jars with pages from our favourite books. Cut the pages to size, line them along the inside of your jar and secure with tape. Again, it's a very simple idea but looks great. Do this with a few different sized jars and then group them together to create a striking centrepiece.


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