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Home improvements: Keep the to-do list short and sweet

Only put three things on your daily to-do list. Anything more will be counterproductive, says Joanna Gosling.

There's nothing new about writing a to-do list, but it's still the best way to declutter your mind. The trick with a to-do list is to keep it simple. Get in the habit of starting the day by drawing up a list of a maximum of three things that must get done. Be realistic. If there's something time-consuming that you keep putting off, make it the only point on your list. When a to-do list is too long, it's counterproductive.

A simple but utterly foolproof way of making sure you never forget anything when you leave the house is a clothes peg stuck to the door. Things are literally there in front of you as you leave, so you simply can't forget. The shopping list, school activity reply slip, letter to post, a cheque you need to pay into the bank, dry-cleaning slip - the list goes on. You just need a wooden clothes peg and some double-sided adhesive tape. If you want, you can paint or decorate the peg. Cut out a piece of fabric, patterned paper or wallpaper to fix to the front of the peg using double-sided tape. Fix to the door, or a convenient spot you can't miss on your way out.

* From Simply Wonderwoman: A Survival Guide for Women with Too Much To Do (Kyle Books) by Joanna Gosling, Dh103, www.amazon.com

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