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Home Improvements: Craft your own coasters

An easy-peasy crafts project for you and the kids.

If you want an easy-peasy crafts project to do with the kids, make some colourful, quirky coasters.

To start, find an old magazine, choose the most colourful pages you can find and cut them up into strips, around 2.5cm wide. Fold each strip in half, lengthways, and then fold in half again.

Coat each strip in decoupage glue and roll it into a tight spiral. Coat the next strip and roll it around the first and so on, until you have a coaster that is around 10cm in diameter. Once your coaster is the right size, coat it in decoupage glue and leave to dry.

For a more professional look, head to a DIY shop and buy some small, square ceramic tiles. Then get some heavy-duty scrapbook paper - the more elaborate the better.

Clean your tiles to remove smudges and fingerprints. Cut the paper into squares that are around 0.5cm smaller than your tile. Brush the tile with a generous layer of decoupage glue and press your paper onto the tile, making sure it is centred. Allow to dry for 10 minutes, then apply another layer of decoupage glue over the top of the paper and allow to dry. Repeat this process.

Leave for a day or two until dry, then cover the coaster in a waterproof, acrylic sealer. If you can, attach a layer of felt or cork to the bottom of your tile.