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Have fun with furniture: 'Pink House Living' author Emily Murray on home interior trends for 2020

The blogger has tips for those looking to create a beautiful home

Emily Murray is the founder of the popular 'The Pink House' blog. Courtesy Emily Murray
Emily Murray is the founder of the popular 'The Pink House' blog. Courtesy Emily Murray

The founder of The Pink House blog and author of Pink House Living: For People Cheating on Fashion with Furniture talks about having fun with design.

How did The Pink House start?

After I had my second child, I wanted to create a business based on words. I saw the power of digital, so I thought I would write a blog. But what about? There was fashion, but there were so many people ahead of me. Sport was my thing – I used to be a national gymnast and rowed at Cambridge – but I thought I was only going to get worse at that. Mummy blogging wasn’t for me, so when I thought about interiors, it was a real light-bulb moment. There were hardly any professional blogs in that space in 2015-2016, and it was something I’d never get bored of.

What’s your own home like?

My house is an Edwardian terrace on top of a hill in South-East London, with a big park behind and views of London on the other side. We’re just finishing a big renovation to make the house more family-friendly and fun. A trapeze has been installed and we have climbable storage in the hallway, so you can vault up on to the cupboards. So rather than telling children to get off, you’re actively encouraging them to get on. Although it’s actually really for me; it’s my house of dreams.

How would you describe your style?

I would say it’s playful and a little bit naughty, a bit rock and roll, and colourful with a lot of pink. If I could, I would turn the stairs into a slide and make a circus tent out of my sitting room. I like to combine luxury with some edge.

Who are your design heroes?

I met potter and designer Jonathan Adler recently and I thought he was great. He’s very camp and fabulous, and makes these blingy things with a bit of a naughty wink. I love House of Hackney, too; it’s a maximalist interiors brand with luxurious but off-the-wall patterns and fabrics. And in my book, I interview India Mahdavi – she’s the designer behind The Gallery at Sketch in Mayfair, which is a fabulous pink restaurant and bar with art installations.

Murray's style is playful and colourful with a lot of pink. Courtesy Emily Murray
Murray's style is playful and colourful with a lot of pink. Courtesy Emily Murray

What are your top tips for creating a beautiful home?

If you’re happy with your wardrobe, take the basis of that – the colours and the things you love – and apply that to your home. If you find that your handbags tend to be bright green or you have a lot of tartan scarves, think about how you can incorporate that. Also, don’t underestimate peripheral lighting. In fact, take the bulbs out of the overhead lights. And finally, don’t let the children make any interior-design decisions.

What trends should we look out for in 2020?

I would say the “buy less, buy well” mindset is a movement that’s here to stay. People are starting to realise you don’t need loads of rubbish in your house. And terrazzo, that’s a trend that isn’t showing any signs of slowing – it’s great because you can have it in so many colours and finishes, and it’s quite sustainable, too – you can crush up pretty much anything and chuck it in.

Updated: February 6, 2020 04:51 PM

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