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Handmade pottery from Pascale Mouchès

The former primary school teacher says that as a child she was captivated by pottery from Tunisia.

Pottery by Pascale Mouchès. Courtesy of Pascale Mouchès
Pottery by Pascale Mouchès. Courtesy of Pascale Mouchès

My story is that of a person rather than of a business.

I was a primary school teacher in France and have been practicing pottery for over 20 years. I've spent most of my life abroad.

As a child, I was captivated by the pottery of Nabeul, Tunisia, and later with the antique ceramics in Athens, Greece. I learnt to create pottery during evening classes, while working in Paris.

In Egypt and Indonesia, I learnt from traditional workshops and started to teach. All these experiences enriched my technical abilities and were sources of inspiration.

I settled in Dubai one and a half years ago and am now a pottery teacher.

My work is always meant to be useful, as well as original. Each piece is unique.

Pottery makes you humble regarding the elements, because you are "challenging" earth, water and fire. Success comes each time you open the kiln and are satisfied.

My first exhibition was in Abu Dhabi's Delma Corner in 2003. Visitors came to me afterwards saying: "I thought I would see plates and bowls… but not exactly." They were surprised and interested, and that encouraged me for the rest of my life.

My best-selling products are items with "floated" or used wood that I collect on the beach, and the colourful ashtrays inspired by Moroccan models.

The limit between the artist and the craftswoman is not clear, which is appropriate to this "minor art".

I will be at the Meadows Spring Market on March 17 and also exhibiting on March 23 and 24 at the first Festival of Francophonia in Dubai.

For more information, email passou@hotmail.fr or call 056 759 8107