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Funky family footwear

Help your kids add some sparkle to their sandals, fizz to their flip-flops.

If your kids are fans of the humble flip-flop, why not help them to personalise their footwear? There are plenty of ways for them to add sparkle to their sandals.

With glitter, ribbons, beads or some brightly-coloured acrylic – or, even better, glow-in-the-dark – paint, a cheap pair of flip-flops can be transformed. One of our favourite tricks is to line the soles of the flip-flop with bright or heavily patterned fabric. Just pencil the outline of the flip-flop onto your chosen piece of cloth, carefully cut it out (remembering to leave a slit for your toe strap) and secure it firmly with decoupage glue.

If stripes are your thing, lay strips of masking tape diagonally along the length of your flip-flop, with even intervals in between. Then paint the surface of the flip-flop with acrylic paint. Ensure that the paint is completely dry before you remove the tape.

For something a little more fancy, cover the straps of your flip flops in a funky fabric. You’ll need two strips of fabric, around three inches wide and around two inches longer than the strap. Wrap the fabric around the strap, lengthways, and attach with hot glue. Then wrap a length of ribbon round the centre of the straps, where they meet, and tie into a small bow. Add glitter and beads by the bucketload.