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Five easy steps to hanging curtains

I want simple curtains and have found a curtain rod that I like, which looks easy to install. How do I do it?

I just moved into a new apartment with beautiful big windows but, while I love having the light, I also need some privacy. I want simple curtains and have found a curtain rod that I like, which looks easy to install. How do I do it? This is another of those countless jobs that involve measuring correctly and drilling holes into concrete walls. Curtain rods are normally sold with the necessary brackets and screws included. The rods chosen are from Pottery Barn and come in a package containing three mounting brackets (two ends, one middle), two rods, an Allen key to tighten the bolts that lock the rods in place, screws and, unfortunately, the wrong kind of plastic anchors for them. These white anchors are meant for drywall and in the UAE you will need anchors designed for concrete or cinderblock.

• a drill with drill bits • a screwdriver • a hammer • a step ladder • a spirit level • a friend with a good eye for straight lines

Step 3. Drill your holes and hammer the plastic anchors gently into them until they are flush with the wall. Screw the bracket into place. Move your step ladder to the opposite side of the window. Again, use the rod (without the curtain this time) by placing one end into the bracket and the other into the second end bracket. Using a spirit level to ensure that the rod is perfectly horizontal, find where the next fixture should go. Ask your friend to check how it looks from across the room. Repeat the step above, marking the position, drilling and screwing the bracket into place.

Step 4. When both end brackets are installed, you can put the rod into both ends and then measure to find the middle point where you will install the third bracket, following the same mark-drill-fix procedure as above. Step 5. Place one curtain on each side of the rod, with the middle bracket between them. Now screw on the end-cap decoration that keeps the rod from sliding out of the bracket. Once the rod is lined up to your liking, use the Allen key to screw the small bolt on the bracket tightly against the rod. This will keep it from sliding around when you open and close the curtains.