x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Home improvements: Craft candleholders out of sand

Grab some sand for a simple crafts project that's guaranteed to keep the kids entertained.

With a few empty jars, a pile of sand, a couple of tea lights and some inexpensive food colouring, you can make yourself some pretty new candleholders - perfect for the garden when BBQ season is back in full swing, and a simple project to keep the kids busy on a lazy Friday afternoon.

Start with a sand-gathering expedition at your nearest patch of desert. Make sure to collect a fair amount of sand, avoiding any stray plants or stones. Once you're back at home, make sure to sift the sand through a colander or sieve to get rid of any foreign objects.

Mix your food colouring (liquid dye or other natural colouring agents will also work) with enough water to ensure that your sand will be fully submerged. Don't forget that the sand will always dry a few shades lighter than the liquid mixture, so plan accordingly. Mix the liquid with your sand and set the containers aside for at least eight hours. Once ready, place the sand in direct sunlight to ensure that it dries out completely.

Next, put your sand in a pretty jar and place a tea light in the centre, pressing it down so that it's almost entirely covered. If you want to spruce up your new candleholder, tie a piece of ribbon around the mouth of your jar. Simple as that.