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Hit List: Karak at Shay Madhboot, BodyAttack 97, Cafe Arabia and more

A round-up of great finds and things to do, see, eat and enjoy in the Emirates

Cafe Arabia in Abu Dhabi offers up a 1990s-style cappuccino
Cafe Arabia in Abu Dhabi offers up a 1990s-style cappuccino

Nostalgia at Cafe Arabia

Cafe Arabia has an item on its menu that has coffee-loving patrons lapping it up. The team is stepping back in time and embracing the 90s vibe by offering cappuccinos with extra foam. “In the 90s, the cappuccino had a more bubbly milk foam on top, nowadays it’s more like a milk cream with no air bubbles at all,” says a Cafe Arabia staffer. “Also, it has some chocolate powder on top just like in the day.” The foamy drink stays hot thanks to its creamy top, which is made by steaming the milk for longer, and is well worth the Dh18 a cup.

A Sunday lunch tradition

Nestled away in a corner of Dubai Sports City we found a taste of home. Reddy Roast, on the Venetian Building Promenade specialises in traditional British food, focusing primarily on roast dinners. A British staple traditionally enjoyed on Sunday, a roast dinner consists of a roasted meat, accompanied by roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and vegetables. In addition to the standard roast dinner, at Reddy Roast you can find such comforts as a Yorkshire pudding bowl – where your entire meal is served inside a giant Yorkshire pudding. If you can still walk after that, try the Apple Crumble which is served with Birds custard. Not a place for those watching their waistlines.

Cool blend at Shay Madhboot

Who doesn’t love a cup of karak? Now there’s a funky new kid on the Abu Dhabi block. Shay Madhboot serves a cool blend of Arabic food and teas. Forget your lattes or cappuccinos – you won’t find them here – and try the signature tea for just Dh4, saffron karak for Dh5 or cool down with the iced karak for Dh8. They also do a mean breakfast – shakshuka is Dh35, while paratha with cheese is Dh6. If you’re lucky, you could also feature on the café’s Instagram wall. Shay Madhboot is located on Dihan Street, off Muroor Road, and opens from 7am Sunday to Thursday and 8am Friday and Saturday.

Cotoletta stars at Matto

There is the schnitzel and then there is the Cotoletta alla Milanese. This super-sized chunk of deliciousness is the star attraction of the hip, new Italian restaurant Matto, located in Dubai’s Oberoi Hotel. That generosity is amplified in Matto, where the size of the dish is akin to medium-sized pizza and could easily serve two people. The meat is rendered beautifully flaky because of a batter made of flour, egg and a dash of salt. The even golden coating on both sides is due to sizeable amount of clarified butter and is sprinkled with Maldon salt and lemon zest. The side dish of rocket and tomato salad offers relief if it all becomes overwhelming. Cotoletta alla Milanese is Dh190 at Matto, The Oberoi, at Business Bay in Dubai. For details, go to www.mattodubai.com.

Meditation inspiration app

When life gets too busy, sometimes it’s good to take a break to meditate. Insight Timer is a free meditation app available on Google Play and the iTunes store that offers guided meditation as well as mindfulness tips to help those find their inner calmness. The app helps calm anxiety and stress and also helps those who have difficulty sleeping. There’s also a social component that allows app users to find friends who can “meditate with you” if they’re close to your location.

BodyAttack steps it up

BodyAttack 97, the latest release of the Les Mills programme, has finally come to the UAE. The high-intensity cardio class forces participants to push their physical limits with more jumping jacks, push-ups, burpees and tuck jumps. The 55-minute class is a challenge of stamina through a mix of high-intensity cardio and strength training and is available in BodyAttack certified gyms throughout the Emirates, including Abu Dhabi Country Club, Primal Gym in Abu Dhabi, as well as Fitness First and Gold’s Gym locations.

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