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Genghis Khan alive and not so well in New York

Plus "stick" bites man, scented candles for men, a profitable case of mistaken identity and more of the week's strangest stories in News You Can Lose.

Police in New York say they have arrested Genghis Khan for gun and drugs offences.

Khan is said to be 22 and currently living in Brooklyn. He was seized while a passenger in a 2001 Chevrolet, after officers noticed that the car smelled of pot.

Khan was also charged with cocaine possession and criminal possession of a weapon relating to an earlier conviction. He is currently being held without bail.


Shopper is rattled

Believing he was picking up a stick from the floor of his local Walmart, a man has been bitten by a rattlesnake.

Mica Craig, 47, from Idaho, US, said he "picked up that stick, it bit me and I started screaming", adding that the half-metre reptile clung to his hand. He is said to be in a good condition in hospital. As for the rattlesnake, Craig said: "I did a tap dance on it and got it killed."


Poetry is child's play

An artist from Romania has built Dante's Nine Circles of Hell using only Lego bricks.

Mihai Mihu spent a year reconstructing scenes based on Dante's Inferno from his Divine Comedy.

He decided on the project after being told that an earlier entry to a Lego-building contest was "lifeless".

The scenes include souls being tortured over a pit of boiling lava, watched by a giant Lego demon, to represent Heresy, and Limbo, where Lego souls "are punished to wander in restless existence while they moan helplessly in echoes between the ruins of a temple".


Men like fire, of course

A scented candle firm has introduced a new range of aromas for men. They include "Man's Town", which offers spices, wood and musk, "Riding Mower", which smells like freshly cut grass and "2x4", which claims to reproduce the smell of freshly planed wood.

The Yankee Candle Company says its "Man Candles" offer "down-to-earth fragrances" for modern man.


Worker's wily windfall

A maintenance worker with the same name as his organisation's chief executive has fled after he was overpaid Dh120,000.

Payroll staff at Kent County Council, England, mistakenly sent an allowances payment for its CEO Paul Carter to the account of a depot worker by the same name.

Council staff managed to recover just Dh4,500 by deducting it from the other Paul Carter's monthly salary of Dh9,300. However, he then resigned and is believed to have fled the UK.


Penguin flips out

An escaped penguin has been spotted in the sea two months after fleeing a Tokyo wildlife park.

Officials at the Sea Life Park have confirmed the sighting of the one-year-old Humboldt penguin, who managed to break out after scaling a rock wall and jumping over barbed wire.

He was recorded on video swimming near the city's Rainbow Bridge, with his identity confirmed by a ring on a flipper.

Sea Life workers think the penguin is feeding on small fish and comes ashore each night to rest. "It looks like it's been living quite happily," one said. "It didn't look like it had got thinner or been without food."