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Where to store chocolate: Cadbury settles fridges versus cupboard debate

The British chocolate manufacturer has given the 'definitive ruling' when it comes to confectionary storage

This week, Cadbury has confirmed that its chocolate should not be kept in the frigde. Getty Images 
This week, Cadbury has confirmed that its chocolate should not be kept in the frigde. Getty Images 

Chocolate is an almost universally loved food, but the way it is stored manages to divide the masses: should it be kept in the fridge, or not?

However, prepare for the debate to be settled as Cadbury weighs in on the matter.

Clearly seeking to settle the issue, curious gastronomer Bruno Bouchet tweeted Cadbury Australia.

"Yo @CadburyAU ... what’s the definitive ruling on chocolate storage? Fridge or room temp?" Bouchet asked.

Cadbury replied with the desired "definitive ruling".

"Chocolate should always be stored in a slightly cool, dry, dark place such as cupboard or pantry at temperatures less than 21°C to ensure the quality isn’t compromised," the chocolate manufacturer replied.

Cupboards over fridges it is, then, says the British confectionery company.

According to US FDA standards, fridges should be kept at or below 4°C, around 17°C cooler than Cadbury recommends storing your chocolate.

Typically, room temperature is 23°C, so as long as cupboards and pantries are kept cool and dark, they should be safely around the 21°C mark.

The debate came after Bouchet tweeted his very subjective fridge versus pantry list, with apples, jam, peanut butter, coffee, ketchup and olive oil in the fridge; and avocados, eggs, tomatoes, chocolate, soy sauce and butter in the pantry.

Cadbury did not comment on any of his other food storage decisions.

Some fellow Twitter commentators agreed, writing: "Sorry, but I don't [want to be] biting into a brick when I get out the chocolate," while others worried that in Australia's summer months they would struggle to keep a kitchen cool to 21°C.

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