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What we're loving: pizza and detox solutions

We review the items, places and services that we stumble across in our daily lives and can't help but wax lyrical about, they're that great.

Green smoothie - part of Dr Oz's Two-day Wonder Cleanse iStock
Green smoothie - part of Dr Oz's Two-day Wonder Cleanse iStock

I’m convinced that I’ve located the best pizza in the world – outside of a pie from Napoli, of course. I’m not exaggerating: this is not just the best pizza in town, we’re talking a light dough full of flavour, married to a marinara sauce made from veritable San Marzano tomatoes and topped with the gooiest mozzarella in the world. Italianissimo is located in the Boutik Mall on Reem Island, down the hall from Waitrose, and combines authentic Italian cuisine with both a fashion store and a gourmet grocery store. That place knows how to produce an authentic Italian pizza that can recreate the Neapolitan experience like no other. Best part? It delivers. Visit www.italianissimollc.com, search for Italianissimo Abu Dhabi on Facebook or call 056 782  7454.

* Hala Khalaf

Time to detox right

With an overindulgent holiday season behind us, the prospect of fitting into anything preceded by the words “figure-hugging” is a daunting one. Luckily, Dubai’s SensAsia Urban Spa has a quick-fix detox plan and body treatment to get you into the most curve-enhancing couture. After hearing from staff about one woman’s amazing 16-inch loss from the Skinni-Mini treatment, I decided to see if its water-retention busting claims were true. When the “before” and “after” body measurements were compared, the proof was most definitely in the prodding. Costing Dh515, the combination of massage, electrical currents and algae-rich, antioxidant ivy had indeed worked their magic in 90 minutes. I can’t deny that the addition of a juice menu from Detox Delight for Dh630 may have helped the cause a tad. It’s entirely stress-free with the home delivery of a day’s worth of juices comprising umpteen fruits, vegetables and healthy ingredients from spirulina and lucuma to beetroot and ginger. Visit www.sensasiaspas.com and www.detox-delight.ae.

* Rebecca McLaughlin-Duane

Dr Oz’s Two-Day Wonder Cleanse

I’d clipped this cleanse out of an old O magazine months ago and finally decided to give it a try. The thing I like about this cleanse is that I didn’t feel starved, I didn’t just drink liquids all day and it didn’t feel too terribly out of character from my normal diet. I also love that Dr Oz breaks down the reason for each and everything that you’ll digest. I was able to find every ingredient that I needed at Lulu (except for the Dandelion tea that I later found at Nutrition Zone, Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi) which was a relief. I found most of the food to be pretty tasty: the lunch smoothie being my favourite and the soup for dinner being my least favourite. While it is possible that it was the power of suggestion, I have to say that I really did feel much more energised, which was my main goal, even after the first full day. Dr Oz doesn’t really make any promises of weight loss (though I did lose 1.3kg) but he does promise that your body will feel happy, and I can vow for that. I’ve adopted a few habits that I will carry into the new year (sauerkraut for my digestion being a huge one) and am certain to do the cleanse again before too long. Check it out at www.oprah.com/health/Dr-Oz-on-Cleansing-Do-You-Need-a-Cleanse.

* Kerri Abrams

Let’s hear some noise

I always wondered, why in the world does Apple make such weak speakers? My ears strain when I’m listening to anything on my MacBook unless I’m using headphones, of course, and my iPad? Forget about it. So this little product I stumbled across sounds like it might be the solution to all my Apple listening woes. The Amplifiear projects your iPad’s sound towards you, so you can actually hear a movie or song. My reaction? Yes! It costs US$24.99 (Dh92) from www.theamplifiear.com.

* Hala Khalaf