x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 January 2018

What We’re Loving: Bord Eau’s 7-course degustation menu

With all the new restaurants opening in Abu Dhabi these days it is easy to forget that the Shangri-la Hotel’s award-winning Bord Eau remains one of the capital’s best.

And if you are as intimidated by French cuisine as I happen to be, then Bord Eau’s new seven-course degustation menu is for you.

This culinary adventure, which is best taken over a leisurely two hours or so, is a delight from beginning to end. The first stunning item came early, in the form of some mouthwatering foie gras sourced from the French producer Ernest Soulard I’Oie Vendee. Poached in cloth, it is served with a delicate anjou pear jelly, cocoa crumble and home-made brioche.

Although we loved the scallop and salmon carpaccio, marinated with citrus and chili pepper, the standout for me was the melt-in-your-mouth portion of veal cheek.

The restaurant easily accommodated my companion, who does not eat veal, with a tasty quail option. The most exclusive item on the menu is the “Wagyu” or “Faux Fillet” beef striploin from Brisbane, with each course accompanied by seasonal produce flown in from France.

The Chocolate Extravaganza dessert (pictured) was just that: four different kinds of chocolate in a sphere, three which melt under the warm pressure of a warm, rich, satisfying sauce.

Helmed by executive chef Paul Doyle, and ushered along by capable, attentive and knowledgeable staff, Bord-Eau offers one very special evening indeed.

The 7-course degustation menu is priced at Dh625 per person, Dh975 with pairings. The restaurant is also offering a fun option called Dining in the Kitchen, in which chef de cuisine though Didier Quennouelle prepares a five-course blind tasting set menu in his kitchen. Dh500 per person. For information or to book, call 2 509 8511 or go to www.shangri-la.com