Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 5 June 2020

Watch: 7-year-old Abu Dhabi resident cooks up Eid dishes

Little chef Jehan Razdan Khan prepares her favourite dishes for Eid Al Fitr

As people across the world get set to celebrate Eid Al Fitr, one of the UAE's younger residents is busy in the kitchen and setting an example by staying at home.

Jehan Razdan Khan, a seven year old from Abu Dhabi, is preparing for the coming holiday by whipping up a plethora of Eid dishes for her family to enjoy.

Sporting an adorable bunny apron, the pint-sized chef whips up some delicious looking recipes that are traditionally eaten in her household every year on this occasion.

First on the menu is Azerbaijani eggs, made with fresh pomegranate.

"I made a hole also to make space for the egg," explains Jehan after cracking the egg onto a plate then pouring it into a pan.

With the first dish cooking nicely, she moves onto creating an Umm Ali. Using crushed croissant, sugar, milk, cream, pistachios and almonds, she easily whips up this this traditional Eid dessert.

Jehan may be a bit of a culinary whizz, but the little baker isn't ready to give away too many of her recipe details, keeping things like exact measurements and methods top secret. She clearly cooks by gut instinct.

She also whips up a milk rose drink and some cheese, Za'atar and Nutella puffs.

As the excitement of what's cooking builds, Jehan breaks into a jolly cook-along song, then signs off with a smiling "Eid Mubarak."

Updated: May 22, 2020 03:41 PM



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