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This 2D cafe in Abu Dhabi is like stepping into a storybook

The location in Galleria Mall, launched by the luxury florist Forever Rose, is designed to transport guests into an illustration

It’s not every day that you can say you’ve stepped into a two-dimensional world. But that’s exactly the kind of experience home-grown luxury florist Forever Rose wanted to create when it launched Forever Rose Cafe in The Galleria Mall, Al Maryah, Abu Dhabi, in January.

In the cafe, everything from the cups and plates to the furniture is illustrated in black and white, leaving only the customers and their food and beverages in colour.

“We recreated the boutique in a cafe setting and aimed to offer a unique experience for customers by designing it to feel as if it is part of a storybook,” says Ebraheem Al Samadi, founder and chief executive of Forever Rose. “The cafe is developed as a 2D illustration, transporting guests to another world. Even the music is French classical style to fully immerse the senses. It all creates a romantic notion of being a part of a fairtytale.”

The illustration and design behind the interiors of the cafe were created in-house. It started with an artist illustrating designs that were then shared with the digital printer who prepared everything to be translated on to the walls and furniture.

The eatery also pays tribute to the brand, with everything from the carpet at the centre of the cafe to the tables, walls, ceiling and chairs, having floral touches.

According to Al Samadi, the cafe has been a hit on Instagram. “As word of mouth takes over, we are welcoming people from all over the GCC, not only the UAE,” he adds.

The cafe serves a number of sweets, French pastries and coffees. In keeping with the floral theme, popular items on the menu include the orchid latte, rose and lavender lemonades, and the lavender latte. Dishes that are available include rose, saffron and pistachio milk cakes, tarts and mousses. The signature drink is the Forever Rose latte.

The brand also gives customers an opportunity to browse through and purchase its boutique collections, including exclusive pieces like the newly launched Bella Mini Me, the Forever Rose Capsule Collection, and The One Love Collection.

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