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Recipe: Tuna ceviche with heritage tomato and coriander

Chef Albert Raven from Firelake Grill restaurant reveals how to make a dish that uses one of his favourite ingredients: tuna

Yellowfin tuna ceviche with charred lime. Photo: Firelake Grill
Yellowfin tuna ceviche with charred lime. Photo: Firelake Grill

Albert Raven, head chef at Firelake Grill restaurant at Radisson Blu Dubai Waterfront, says: “Fresh tuna is one of my favourite ingredients to work with. I love the freshness of the product and the fact that it absorbs flavours really well. It’s equally good as a cooked or raw ingredient, and gives you so much flexibility. It pairs well with spice, so Asian or Mexican flavours work really well, or simply grill it with some salt and a squeeze of lemon. I like it best raw, which is how I use it in the tuna ceviche dish described here.”

Chef Albert Raven. Photo: Firelake Grill
Chef Albert Raven. Courtesy Firelake Grill

Tuna ceviche with heritage tomato and coriander

Makes two bowls


For the tuna

200g yellowfin tuna

For the yuzu soy ceviche juice

¾ tbsp aji Amarillo paste

25ml white soy sauce

2½ tbsp fresh lime juice

¾ tbsp yuzu juice

¾ tbsp oyster fish sauce

¾ tsp sugar

For the ceviche

90g cherry tomatoes, halved

90g English cucumber, peeled and diced

25g coriander, pickled leaves

½ shallot, very finely sliced

1 big tbsp extra virgin olive oil

6 mint leaves, finely sliced

6g flaked sea salt

To garnish

100g corn tortilla chips

Charred lime


Trim any excess fat from the tuna and cut in to even one-centimetre diced pieces. Store chilled until required.

Whisk all the ingredients of the yuzu soy ceviche juice together, adding the fish sauce and lime juice at the end to taste as their flavour may differ.

Combine 100 grams of tuna, half (about 40 millilitres) the ceviche juice, and half of each ingredient listed under ceviche, to make two separate servings.

Serve in a flat bowl garnished with the corn chips and charred lime.

Updated: April 21, 2019 04:58 PM