Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 24 October 2018

Popular Filipino fast food chain Jollibee comes to Dubai

A Jollibee burger.
A Jollibee burger.

Jollibee, also known as the Filipino McDonald’s, is set to open in the Dubai Mall in April. The fast food chain is the largest food chain in the Philippines.

The restaurant, which is beloved by Filipinos, sells burgers, chicken, noodles, rice meals, sandwiches and sides. Jollibee opened its first shop in Dubai back in 1995 but it was closed for unknown reasons. Now they’re bringing it back and hoping Filipinos, locals and expats alike will be forming queues to get a taste of the food that’s made the fast food icon so successful.

Jollibee has nearly 1,000 stores worldwide, including in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait and a handful of far eastern countries. They also have several outlets in the US and Canada. The restaurant has a massive expansion plan that includes launching its first stores in Europe in the coming years.

Jollibee’s first store in Dubai will be located on the second floor food court in the Dubai Mall.